Why Manchester United will dominate the future of Premier League once again?

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5. Youth development:

United have always believed in promoting youth, and that hasn’t changed even after the retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson. Time and again, United have seen new youth prospects come and blossom at the club. With the ‘Class of 92’ being the benchmark, United have continuously produced some of the best young talents. With Marcus Rashford, Andres Pereira, Fosu Mensah, Alex Taunzebe and many others showing what they are capable of, United have a good future ahead of them.

4. Club stature:

United have managed to get world class players even when they were struggling deeply under managers post-Sir Alex Ferguson’s retirement. They have been excellent commercially, and in spite of several criticisms CEO, Ed Woodward has proven what a valuable member he is at the club. He is young and has a long way to go and with the way he has been working United can only move forward both on and off the pitch and reach a new level of success.

3. Young players with a great prospect:

United have promoted youth from their academy and have signed some amazing young players especially in the last two seasons. With Lukaku, Martial and Rashford, United have a great attacking threat, and all these attackers are young and sharp and can be destructive on their day. With Pogba, there is no questioning of what he’s capable of. With Bailly, Lindelof, Tuanzebe, Shaw and others, United have a young and talented back line which can be developed better. And then there’s the wall of De Gea, who is arguably one of the best goalkeepers in the world right now. It can only go positive from here on.

2. Paul Pogba:

The £89 million spent on Paul Pogba last summer looked a lot but seeing the fees paid for other players this summer, it looks like a bargain. Paul Pogba is arguably one of the best players in the world right now. Pogba on his day can be unstoppable terrorising the midfield and the opposition defence. The team will be built and played around him, and with his talent, Pogba is only going to get better and more dangerous, and it is a sign that United will only get stronger with time.

1. Jose Mourinho:

Jose Mourinho has a lot of experience under his belt managing teams from different leagues and having success with all of them. He is someone who knows how to get results and how to handle his players. United have signed him for a long term plan and he is the key to United’s success here on. His plans have worked very well in the past and it is definitely going to happen on similar lines at United.