Tom Daley sees GREEN

The Maria Lenk Aquatics Centre has been the center of attention recently following the swimming pool used for the Olympics having turned green! There were claims by the head of the organisations governing body, Pedro Adrega that perhaps the swimmers had requested the colour change to assist in dealing with the glare from the sun? As the competiton continued the water became more and more greener, in fact some supporters described the water as a pea soup? Organisers released a statement regarding the situation, “It’s very important to the Rio 2016 poolcommunity to ensure a high quality of play,” read the statement. “Tests were conducted and the water was found to be safe. We’re investigating what the cause was.”

Talking to competitiors, they had this to say about thier experience swimming and diving into a green murky water, associated with water you would normally see sea lions swimming in. “I’ve never dived in anything like it,” said Britain’s Tonia Couch, “it was incredible as well as confusing.We noticed it in the warm-up and then by the competition it was even more green but if anything it actually made it a bit easier to spot (tell where the water was while spinning through the air), so it didn’t make a difference though to the result.”

Speculation suggests that perhaps the chlorine levels in the pool were wrong and that the formation of algae was due to treatment not being carried out correctly, there were even suggestions perhaps Shrek had taken a quick overning bath. But in all seriousness, this is an issue that just shouldn’t exist in such a high profile competition.

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