Michael Jordan pledges $2m to charity

Michael Jordan, the famous basketball star, has pledged $2m to two charities to try to help improve race relations. Jordan himself has suffered at the hands of racial tensions, and his father was shot dead back in nineteen ninety-three at a roadside resting point. Jordan has maintained his silence regarding the high tensions, however, with the increase in targeting police and the recent police shootings he has decided it is time to address the country. “As a proud American, a father who lost his dad in a senseless act of violence, and a black man, I have been deeply troubled by michael-jordan-chicago-bullsthe deaths of African Americans at the hands of law enforcement and angered by the cowardly and hateful targeting and killing of police officers. I know this country is better than that, and I can no longer stay silent. I grieve with the families who have lost loved ones, as I know their pain all too well. Although I know these contributions alone are not enough to solve the problem, I hope the resources will help both organisations make a positive difference,” he said.

Jordan’s donation will be split between two charities, and both focused on building relationships with the police and local community. The Institute for Community Police Relations and the NAACP Legal Defence Fund both work hard on education and development of youth offenders. They focus on building bridges between law enforcement officers and the local communities.

There has been a series of high-profile shootings recently involving black people by the police, which in turn has increased tensions between the police and community. Earlier this month five Dallas police officers were murdered. If this situation does not find a solution and a solution soon, things could deteriorate and seriously get out of hand.