Latest Motorsports News (Week 4 March 2018)

Sebastian Vettel rides on luck to Australian GP victory

Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel on pure pace alone throughout the weekend had no right to come out on top above Mercedes’s Lewis Hamilton. It was a mere fluke that therefore got him the lead and consequently the victory at the recently concluded Australian GP. Hamilton was in the lead up till the halfway mark. At the beginning of the race Max Verstappen was mugged by Kevin Magnussen and while trying to chase him down Verstappen’s car spun off promoting Magnussen’s teammate Grosjean to fifth. But tragedy struck as both of the Haas cars went out of contention due to some technical faults and the Virtual Safety Car was deployed. Since Hamilton had made his pit stop a few laps back, he had to follow the set speed, but Magnussen had no such restrictions and thus came out about 10 seconds in front of a bewildered Hamilton. Vettel capitalised on his lead obtained through a serious of good fortunes and held the Mercedes driver at bay until the end of the race to lift the Australian GP trophy.

Williams driver Lance Stroll unhappy with car performance

Williams driver Lance Stroll was quoted saying that they were not racing on the tracks but trying to survive and get over the end line in the race. Stroll came in 14th at Albert Park in the Australian GP. This was a continuation of the problems faced by the Canadian throughout the week with his car’s balance being all over the place and it is having cooling issues which left him with a very uncomfortable situation inside the car. On being asked about the problems he was facing he said that there were mod problems and therefore he could not get the deployment he wanted. Consequently, he had to concede a spot to the Force India driver E. Ocon which put him in the back foot from the start.

Ricciardo sets the fastest lap time for Red Bull

Max Verstappen got left behind by Magnussen’s Haas and then picking up a diffuser damage spun out of control trying to catch up to Magnussen. Daniel Ricciardo was Red Bulls saving grace coming as close to a big point haul as they ever have with him finishing fourth from an eighth place start. Ricciardowas closely blocked by Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen in the second half of the race and finally backed off to try one last attempt to get in front of him and in the process clocked the fastest time on the circuit. Red Bull top brass Christian Horner was quoted saying that Red Bull’s performance could only be judged by the timing of that one lap only and nothing else. Ricciardo clocked the fastest time at Alber Park with a lap timing of 1 minute and 25.945 seconds.