Latest Motorsports News (Week 4 June 2018)

Latest Motorsports News

Hamilton makes the most of recent Vettel debacle

With Vettel’s opening lap crash looming heavy on the horizon an in form Lewis Hamilton took the most advantage out of the situation by propelling himself to the summit of the world championships. Sebastian Vettel was involved in a crash with Valtteri Bottas which saw him effectively ruled out contention for the rest of the event. Hamilton posted his third win of the season moving 14 points clear of rival Sebastian Vettel as Formula One returned to France after a decade. The seasoned German driver could not prevent himself from crashing into Bottas’sMercedis on the first bend of the Paul Ricard Circuit at almost 210 mph and was forced to get his front wing changed. He was awarded a five second penalty and though he made a lot of ground with his finish at the fifth position, yet this goes to show that maybe he is not at the top of his game right now as this is his fifth high profile mistake in his last twelve months.

FIA all set to release the 2021 power unit regulations by the end of June

This is mostly because the FIA needs to supply the concerned manufacturers with proper documents that they have set up a meet including both FIA and F1 officials. This will see them decide on the 2021 Formula 1 Power Unit Regulations and they want to release the guidelines by the end of the week. The general overview was hashed out by the FIA and F1 as early as October but the nitty grittiest of the deal including the four main current suppliers and rookie entrant Porsche has delayed the final draft for a long time. Another reason for the delay was to check the costing issue. According to the FIA had the regulations been released a lot sooner than the manufacturers would have put in much more resources into their development.

Chase Elliot is content with a top 5 finish

With Nascar driver Chase Elliot claiming the recently concluded Toyota/Save Mart 350 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series race his worst track ever, it is no surprise that he has come out saying that he is more than happy with a top 5 finish. He did not come in for a win at Sonoma on Sunday with him claiming that this might be one of his worst tracks and true to those words his performance was subpar at best. The Hendrick Motorsport driver was on the backfoot from the get go and that is what made his fourth-place finish on Sunday an event of note. When asked about his experience he confirmed that they were a lot better than his previous runs at the track.