Latest Motorsports News (Week 4 July 2018)

Harvick wins a last second clincher at New Hampshire Motor Speedway

Kevin Harvick and Kyle Busch has been the top two names in NASCAR for quite a while now and lived up to their expectations they did. The latest NASCAR Cup race at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway was nothing short of a thriller and rightly so. With seven laps left in the race Kevin harvick used the classic bump-and-run on Kyle Busch to provide for a thrilling contest between the two of NASCARS biggest drivers culminating in a nail biting thrilling end with Harvick finally winning the trophy on Sunday at New Hampshire. Harvick pulled a quick move over Busch nudging out Busch’s Toyota with a little bump on the left side thus securing the lead and ultimately the win. Harvick posted his sixth win of the season with Sunday’s win one upping Busch who has five wins in the season followed by Martin Truex Jr. with four wins. This is the ninth race where Busch and Harvick have been placed in a 1-2 order collectively. Aric Almirola finished third with his No.10 Ford.

Elliott’s performance the real surprise at New Hampshire

It was difficult to determine who was more surprised after Sunday’s NASCAR Cup race at New Hampshire. A visibly elated Chase Elliott was seen after the performance he pulled off during the race. Hendrick Motorsports has not been at the top of their game this season Elliott including but Sunday was an eye opener for a lot of people with Elliott going on a tremendous run and leading for 23 laps before falling behind. He came in fifth finally but that was an achievement in itself considering their previous test rides. Elliott qualified at 10th but was seen struggling with his car coming in with the 22nd fastest speed at the final practice session. On being asked about his surprise performance Elliott was himself a little shocked to begin with at what they had just achieved and was in disbelief of what his team had pulled off overnight. He said that he hopes that all of Sunday was not just “dumb luck” and hopefully they could ride this momentum to better performances in the near future.

No precedence for Hamilton’s pit entry offense says F1 director

Lewis Hamilton could have been in serious trouble for his unusual act of changing his mind mid-way to pit entry. With the German Grand prix well underway Lemis Hamilton decided to pit but changed his mind mid-way to race over the grass and onto the track. This was questioned by a lot of pundits and participants alike, but Formula 1 race director Charlie Whiting shot down any doubts saying that this was a one off event and there was no precedence of such before. Hamilton escaped with a mere reprimand after his offense.