Latest Motorsports News (Week 4 January 2018)

Renault young drivers in attention for takers

The French powerhouse has made it clear that future of the junior drivers will depend heavily on the engine supply and how it pans out. Renault’s academy has shot Robert Kubica and HeikkiKovalaineninto fame, but managing director Cyril Abiteboul has said that it will depend on how they exploit the supply deals. To bring the right people in F1, Cyril reveals that Renault is emphasising on the right measures that are to be taken and to check whether the players have what it takes to succeed in F1. Abiteboul closely followed how Mercedes are corresponding the supply deals with driver development and said that Renault needs to get a grip of the strategy to use it as a leverage.


Speaking of the Carlos Sainz deal with Red Bull, which said as Cyril to have helped them would be looked upon as a prime example of the things needed to do in 2018 with their drivers. Cyril took pride in and expressed that Renault has produced drivers who have at least between one or two championships. Cyril has also said that Renault will be taking it slow with the youngsters as he knows the rookies would need time to grow into their element.


Force India to face the heat from Renault/McLaren

Force India deputy team principal Bob Fernley accepted that it poses greater threat from Renault and McLaren despite finishing the 2017 on a high. Force India secured 4th place in the constructor’s standings. Fernley is cautious with the way Renault are progressing as the Abu Dhabi race was a little reminder of what 2018 is going to be like. Force India has a lower budget than both rivals, but the internal problems have plagued them severely. Renault’s decision to discard Honda may have raised a few eyebrows, but the reliability issues were a tad too much.

Force India have followed one of the best policies of the game with a restricted budget of £90 million. It has adhered to the gameplan of playing cautiously and keeping a gap with the bottom finishers and a little behind the podium winners. This consistency has been a decisive factor as seen by Fernley who said that budget is always an issue, but they have managed to hold onto a respectable position for 2 years in a row. Fernley also addressed the issue of fewer cars to choose from, but efficient driving and support team had them in the game throughout the season.