Latest Motorsports News (Week 4 August 2018)

Hamilton: Mercedes needs to improve rather than call bluffs on Ferrari

Mercedes’ champion racer Lewis Hamilton commented that it won’t be fruitful to keep “bluffing” Ferrari in the Formula 1 2018 title. With the superiority of performance portrayed by Ferrari in the last weekend’s Belgian Grand Prix, Hamilton believes that the next couple of races would be “really telling” on whether the Italians can hold on to it. With a 17-point lead over Vettel, Hamilton and his team are concerned with the speedy up gradation of Ferrari as they believe that Mercedes is only ahead as they were able to capitalise on the Vettel “misfortune” before the summer break. It is of no doubt that Ferrari’s performance has been steadily rising and is much stronger and effective than it was last year. The Mercedes racer expressed his optimism for the race in Italy as he pointed out that Ferrari’s strength lies in the acceleration providing the car a better efficiency in traction zones and boosting up the straight-line speed to another level. The Italian race track is believed to provide a major chicane to the Ferrari game-play and in case of a mid-race shower Hamilton has his opportunities increased, though he mentioned it to be stupid on relying on such chances and intends to level up his performances for the dry and sunny days.

Supersoft tyres save Gasly from Spa pile-up

Pierre Gasly cherishes the decision to use supersoft tyre on the start of the Belgian Grand Prix as he believes it kept him from harm’s way in the disastrous opening lap pile-up which was triggered by Niko Hulkenberg. The Toro Rosso driver pulled an exceptional getaway and qualified 11th but due to Valtteri Bottas’ penalty, he lined up ninth on the grid running down Red Bull’s Daniel Ricciardo to the tenth place.  When asked about the decision to start the race on supersoft, the softest compound, Gasly remarked that from looking at Friday’s performance, they were confident that their tyre life was better than any other’s. Gasly considers himself to be pretty lucky on being at the right place at the right time in order to get away from the crash and finish the race in proper shape.

Renault confident to vanish the Haas gap like “ice cubes in the sun”

Cyril Abiteboul, boss of Renault Formula 1, and his team expected the 6-point gap with Haas to vanish like “ice cubes in the sun” as the teams now stand on 82 to Haas’ 76 in the battle to come fourth. Enduring one of the worst races of the Belgium season, the drivers of both teams were placed to the last, scoring no points while Renault wins the opportunity to defend till the Abu Dhabi race.