Latest Motorsports News (Week 3 February 2018)

Red Bull unveils its 2018 model

Red Bull has launched its RB14 model that will be donned by Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricardo. Red Bull has maintained the red and dark blue concept, but the car has been draped in a livery of blue camouflage. It has complied to the halo cockpit protection device clause. Red Bull has made it clear that the blue camouflage is a flagship edition and will be tested in Catalunya, while the painting part is still under construction. Aston Martin has been involved in the livery painting and in the rear wings of RB14. The British manufacturer will play as title sponsor of Red Bull in 2018, and looks to be more into the F1 outfit. Red Bull has clearly shifted its focus from being early launchers to wait as long as possible, and the February 19 launch is a clear indication.


After Haas and William, Red Bull is the third team to unveil and test their model. Red Bull has explained its late arrival and said the added time has helped them induce goodness in the car, and adhere to a point where only small changes are to be made before the big launch. Red Bull has joined a rare list of manufacturers to have launched and shipped to Spain for testing in the same day.


Gene Haas reveals his F1 peers are interesting in Haas automation equipment

The Haas automation equipment is making its mark in F1 as well as on their rivals, a much-flattered Gene Haas has revealed today. Haas automation is a big provider for their NASCAR peers and their entry in 2016 has let many F1 hotshots take notice of equipment procurement process. Gene Haas feels it is their ability to lure in customers to the F1 racetracks that has shot them to glory as the customers are whelmed and this helps them relate to the industry. Haas has also added that it is a big boost to keep up with NASCAR and F1 side by side as most of the technological aspects are same, and there remainslot of interest between the two series’.


Robert Kubica could ply his trade in the FIA World Endurance Championship

Kubica could not hold onto his F1 comeback, but remains hopeful of making his mark in 2018, by committing to Manor LMP1 team. He could join them given he passes with flying colours in the upcoming test next week. Kubica could drive alongside Fernando Alonso if he fares well in the three-day circuit in Aragon, Spain. Manor is set to introduce two cars this season with Oliver Rowland and Charlie Robertson the first two names officially announced under CEFC TRSM Racing banner. Kubica has plied his trade for Manor way back in 2004 where he beat Lewis Hamilton and came second in the main event.