Latest Motorsports News (Week 3 August 2018)

Pierre Gasly to lead Red Bull alongside Max Verstappen

Red Bull has unveiled all the talks revolving the future of Ricciardo and his potential replacement. Gasly has been named as the partner to Verstappen for the next season. Gasly is quickly rising through the ranks and his exposure at the Malaysian Grand Prix may have prompted this move from Red Bull. Gasly was one of the best performers for Honda since its return at the top flight. He achieved 4th position in Behrain and decent positions in Monaco and Hungary as well.


The news of Ricciardo ready to ply his trade for Renault, got the Red Bull headquarters up and jumping for replacements. However, Gasly emerged as an unassailable choice while Christian Horner heaped praises at the young prodigy. The Red Bull boss and his authority were seemingly convinced by Gasly’s ‘stellar performances’.


Lance Stroll feels Williams drivers are easy to make scapegoat of

Despite lacking any heavyweight names or past privileges, Williams has been finishing strongly for the past few seasons, but this term has seen them writhing in last position with 4 points to their name. Lance Stroll, one of the better farers for Williams feels that audience and alike find it easier to target Williams driver in spite of glaring technical faults. Sergey Sirotkin, Stroll’s partner has also find it tough going this year, but both drivers are yet to find the focal point of their current predicaments.

Stroll strongly believes that their current scenario doesn’t rely on experience and despite such rookie figures in the driving seat, Williams is capable to put up a good show. The increased number of engineers and car experts have influenced the F1 circuit a great deal, but whenever any rough patch arises, the drivers are thought to be at fault, feels Lance. Lance didn’t look confident about a turnaround in fortunes, but Williams ‘recovery programme’ may just change things a tad bit.



Norris in line to enter Formula 1

Lando Norris could well make his Formula 1 debut for McLaren as Fernando Alonso calling it a day by the end of this year. Lando Norris will feature in FP1 at Spa, taking Alonso’s place. The intermediate runs held are looked as a trial by experts for McLaren to see whether Lando Norris will be an able ally to Carlos Sainz who will be taking the front seat soon. Norris is still finding his feat in F2, which has raised tentative questions about his eligibility, but McLaren administration have shown enough faith in him to prosper.