Latest Motorsports News (Week 2 May 2018)

Jack Aitken will make his debut as a reserve driver

Renault academy graduate Jack Aitken will be making his debut in Barcelona. Aitken is going to take over the mantle from Carlos Sainz who will be given the testing duties after F1 races. It is about time for other academy talents to show their strength. Sean Gelael will be running for Toro Rosso and will be handing the keys over to Pierre Gasly by the end of 1st day. McLaren will see F2 driver Lando Norris have equal bites at the cherry with Stoffel Vandoorne and Oliver Turvey. Oliver Rowland is set to make his debut with Williams and will hand over the keys to Robert Kubica for the second day. Check out our World Cup Betting Tips here.


Alex Tagliani hopeful for F1 in Miami

Miami may be the next stop for F1 to host races, and this has got veteran driver Alex Tagliani hopeful. Alex feels fans would be pleased to see fast cars and enjoy their time on South Beach. This will be an interesting fixture as the road will be laden past Miami Heat, a revered NBA team, and the paddock will be located right beside it. F1 would be a year long thing and the NBA games would also run a season long keeping Miami intrigued and engrossed. Racing will start from 2019, but the full course is yet to be developed and a date is yet to be set.

Tagliani feels the location will set an amazing example for future courses, and the feel of racing back and across the water will make it a stupendous success and take street racing to a whole new level.


Valterri Bottas takes the loss in Baku a step towards greater success


Valterri Bottas pulled off an excellent start to his 2018 F1 season with a near perfect win, but a tyre bust up drained his hopes. Bottas could have led the World Championship ratings with the win, but the sharp debris on the course had other plans. However, the Finn is determined that he will learn his lesson, and this will only serve him to get better and bolder. Bottas could well be Mercedes’ answer to Ferrari’s excellent start to the season, and Bottas feels that they have enough strength to overcome Ferrari. Bottas is eagerly waiting for the next weekend race and has set his goals for the rest of the year. Bottas has urged Mercedes to devote minute attention and look to fix glitches right away.