Latest Motorsports News (Week 2 June 2018)

Renault may withdraw new engine offer to Red Bull

Renault has been in the works for supplying a new engine for Red Bull’s Formula 1 team but the delay has cast a shadow on the future of the deal. Red Bull wants to wait till the Austrian Grand Prix 2019 to make the final call on the implementation of the new engine. But Renault says that they cannot wait for that long and may withdraw the offer altogether. The decision was supposed to be made by the month of May but the deadline was extended by Renault.

Christian Horner Red Bull’s team principal had previously made a comment saying that they would make the pick between Honda and Renault in the summer break before the start of the Austrian Grand Prix. Both the engines by Renault and Honda were introduced in Montreal the previous weekend and with France and Canada GP coming up Red Bull wants to make a real time comparison between the two variants before making its final decision. Abiteboul Renault’s F1 managing director though wants something more concrete from Red Bull even before the start of the French GP.

Unfortunate start for Brendon Hartley at the Canadian GP

New Zealand’s rookie formula one driver Brendon Hartley had a terrible start to his Canadian Grand prix session crashing out of the race in his first lap. The rookie needed a lifesaving performance to waive of the impending threat of losing his driving position for the Toro Rosso team and this was just the platform to bring it in but instead he crashed out in the first lap of 70 at Montreal.

Hartley started off at 12th and had a good enough start but on the fifth turn everything went haywire with Canadian driver Lance Stroll squeezing Hartley off the track and putting both the cars in the gravel essentially putting them out of contention. Both driver were safe and had no injuries when they got out of their cars. Stroll had some problems with his steering which led him into Hartley but Hartley’s positioning on the outside track early in the game came under heavy criticism from commentators.


Martin Truex Jr. not fit for the Michigan track


Martin Truex Jr. the reigning champion for the Monster Energy NASCART Cup series has fallen short of his expectations at the Michigan track. Though he has had worse finishes than the 18th he managed there but the worst part of it was this was the only race he and his No.78 Furniture Row Racing Team did not get collected in an accident. The car had severe handling issues and Truex said that it was bouncing and the steering was off from the get go. Pit crew chief Cole Pearn was unable to solve the problem and by the time Truex Jr. managed to get himself to a favourable position the race was cut short due to rain.