Latest Motorsports News (Week 2 February 2018)

Red Bull’s new Formula 1 car to be launched next Monday

I an official tweet, Red Bull has confirmed the launch date of its next car RB14, but that was only it. This means that Red Bull is the second one to launch its new car after Williams. This is interesting as this contradicts its tradition of launching late helping them buy more time, and develop the engine as much as possible. This may be looked upon as a case where they are keeping the pre-mileage testing in mind and want to get done with it as soon as possible. Christian Horner had already revealed the plan of release, and said that the 5-day release will be compact and there prime focus is to run 100 laps in their first test.


Alonso to run the first lap of McLaren’s pre-season testing

Fernando Alonso will drive the MCL33 in Barcelona after he could only manage 29 laps before pulling out due to an oil leak last year. The four ay circuit at the Circuit de Catalunya will see Stoffel Vandoorne takeover the next day. McLaren becomes the third company to unveil its new model on 23rd February via an online presentation. This will be an intriguing part as they have paired with Renault after a torrid three year time with Honda. Eric Boullier has said that he has faith in the 2018 model and feels it would be under control.


Verstappen feels Red Bull could achieve great heights if it had Mercedes engine

The controversial Dutchman had his say before the season starts and feels that Red Bull has the ability to do great things had it acquired Mercedes engine. Frustrated by Red Bull’s under achievement over the past few years, and the glory Sebastian Vettel days being gone for good, Verstappen feels that everything is under control but the engine problems have blighted their chances. Even the 2017 results aren’t satisfying and Max feels that Red Bull could have done a lot better, but had very less horsepower to work with as compared to Ferrari and Mercedes. Max took a sly dig at the technical team as he said that had Ferrari or Mercedes faced the problems they would have obtained a solution by now.

Much was expected from Red Bull when the rules were made in favour of aerodynamics, but it was Ferrari who did a better job and breezed past them.