Latest Motorsports News (Week 2 April 2018)

Verstappen overlooks “dickhead” comment

Max Verstappen didn’t make an issue out of the Hamilton’s comment when a live feed was shown to him where the latter remarked him as a “dickhead” when Verstappen tried to overtake him. Max made it clear that the adrenaline rush plays a part when you are driving, and such comments are natural. However, Max had to explain his impatience where he wanted to overtake Hamilton a little too soon forcing an early retirement. Max defended his actions saying he was close to take a lead on Hamilton. He also added that they had a good car, and such a zealous overtake was always on the cards. When asked about Daniel Ricciardo’s exit, Max said that he also faced a technical failure while testing, but it was unfortunate in Daniel’s part.


Vettel seeks improvement

Vettel has had a great start to the 2018 season and sits on the top Formula 1 Championship, but the veteran driver feels Ferrari needs to improve if they wish to hold on to the top spot for the entirety of 2018. Vettel had a close shave against Valtteri Bottas of Mercedes after a change in strategy midway through the race. He was asked whether it was Mercedes’ inefficiency that handed him the win or not to which, Vettel answered diplomatically and felt that the circuit played on their part and the car helped him as well. Vettel acknowledged his rivals, but added that he feels good they were ahead and will take some momentum from this. Vettel expects it to be a close battle between the three giants, and after the Australia race, Ferrari management had worked their shoes off to get the best results. Vettel also praised the efforts of Kimi alongside Max and Daniel of Red Bull, an said that Ferrari is the healthier of the cars, but there will always be room for improvement.


Daniel Ricciardo emphasizes on “F1 rips your heart out”

It was tough on the Red Bull driver as he had to take an early exit after an electrical failure and he also saw his teammate Max experiencing a puncture. Ricciardo looked disheartened and felt that the night race makes it more painful. The hardwork and the strategy they developed were turned into dust within two minutes and this is where this sport is extremely cruel. Ricciardo further added that he felt they had a good car and this is where the technical failure hurts them the most. Resonating much like his teammate Daniel feels that Red Bull do have the capability to earn something big this term.