Latest Motorsports News (Week 1 June 2018)

Latest Motorsports News

F1 car wheels set to see a change in size

Ross Brawn with his team of engineers have been appointed by the FIA to formulate a new set of rules for the 2021 F1 season. The rules package is all set to witness the change of standard wheel diameter from 13 inches to 18 inches. On asking Motorsport officials the general consensus is that this time the change will push through. Pirelli has been pushing for the new tyres for a long time now and has even produced working concept tyres. Charles Pic ran them on a Lotus at Silverstone as early as 2014 with Martin Brundle slapping it on a GP2 in Monaco the year after. The argument against the change has always been the projected increase in cost of changing suspension due to the changed tyre dimensions. But in recent times the opinion has swung widely in favour of the change. Some say that the change should be implemented on the existing cars as early as 2020 but some have been opposed to this preferring the change to be included in the 2021 big package.

Adam Lyon killed in his debut Isle Of Man TT race

In a tragic turn of events motorsports rookie Adam Lyon suffered a fatal crash in his debut race at the Isle Of Man TT. The incident occurred in the four lap Supersport race in which Adam Lyon was debuting his racing career. The accident occurred around the 28th milestone around Casey’s and subsequently it was confirmed by ACU organisers on Monday that Adam Lyon had succumbed to his injuries. Lyon hailing from Helensborough in Scotland was in fine form and had clocked his best lap at 123.443mph in the 37.75-mile circuit during his last superbike session on Friday. The race started off with him clocking another impressive lap at 122.636 mph from a standing start. He was highly touted as one of the next big things in motorsports having won the National Superstock 600 series in 2010 and last year in Ulster Grand Prix where being a newcomer he finished at an impressive 11th in the Supersport race.

Alex Tai steps down as CEO of Virgin Racing Formula E team

Alex Tai has been team principal and CEO for a very long time now starting his journey at the inaugural FE season in 2014-15. But Virgin Racing has confirmed that indeed he will leave the position to his other business activities. But though he is no more the team principal he will continue working as an adviser for the team for the 2017-18 season at least. Sylvain Filippi the chief technology officer has been promoted to the chief operations officer post thus effectively ending Tai’s tenure at the outfit.