Latest Motorsports News (Week 1 August 2018)

Latest Motorsports News

Niki Lauda recovering at a steady pace

Veteran Niki Lauda, a three-time Formula 1 World Champion who dazzled the racing arena in 60s and 70s, was admitted at AHK Vienna hospital for a lung transplant on August 2. Many reports emerged that suggested Lauda’s crash in 1976 at Nordschleife that caused serious rib injuries may have aggravated the pain. The doctors didn’t shed much light on the surgery, but assured that Lauda is recovering at a steady pace, and all organs still are functional and well tend to. Lauda has attained full consciousness; 24 hours post-surgery and does not require artificial oxygen to sustain.


Walter klepetko who conducted the surgery have said that the recovery could take weeks, as progress would depend on constant monitoring. Toto Wolff has prayed for his speedy but steady recovery and said that he has missed Lauda’s presence in Hockenheim and Hungary. Toto has also said that Niki will soon vex the nurses and doctors to grant him leave, and would have ‘enough of hospital’.


Max Verstappen takes a dig at manufacturers

Verstappen believes Red Bull is running two races behind their counterparts as the car manufacturers haven’t prioritized engines this season. Max vent his frustration at Renault, and when asked about Renault’s behaviour over a year stretch, Max took a more diplomatic road and addressed the reliability situation that happened in Germany.

He then added that such niggling things have caused the current lag. He cited examples like the addition of new parts, which require to go through the factory team. Max then shifted his attention to Ferrari and Mercedes, where such a laborious chain isn’t conducted, and helps them limit time waste. Max has said that the decision to split from Renault will deter from continuous improvement. Red Bull has seen victory three times out of the possible twelve held this year, a figure that Max believes hasn’t been addressed yet.



Haas believes F1 should stop adding entries

Haas believes that F1 should look into its policy to incorporate new entries into the administration division, following Force India’s recent entry after consecutive 4th place finish that plunged them into debts. Gunther Steiner of Haas has said that racing 18 cars is not a problem, but it would be wiser and healthier for a competition of 10 cars to thrive in the long run. He has also addressed the issue of debts, where teams are struggling to survive in the top tier, so adding more would only inflate pressure.