Latest Motorsports News (Week 1 April 2018)

Kimi Raikkonen’s success based on Ferrari’s from end thinks Scarborough

Kimi Raikkonen has been having a great season so far in 2018 and before Sebastian Vettel made use of a technicality to defeat Lewis Hamilton in the Australian Open, he has been a strong and perhaps the only challenger Hamilton had. But with that pitstop strategy Vettel pulled himself from the third to the first position jumping Hamilton as well as teammate Raikkonen in the process.’s Craig Scarborough thinks that Kimi Raikkonen and Ferrari’s recent success is because of their conservative fron end suspension. Scarbourough in the latest episode of Motorsport Show was quoted saying that while other teams were fiddling around with their fron end suspension lifting and changing them for aerodynamic and geometric reasons, Ferrari have kept for the most part their suspension on the SF71H constant and conservative and that might have been the key for a driver like Kimi Raikkonen driving in a place like Melbourne an edge over the others.

Yamaha electronics needs a revamp thinks Rossi

Valentino Rossi arguably the face of MotoGp across the globe thinks that Yamaha have gone soft on their electronics department and that to stay on top they have to invest a lot more in their electronics. The flamboyant 39-year-old recently signed a two year extension with Yamaha that will see him race for the outfit till the end of 2020. He opened his 2018 campaign with a third-place finish in Qatar after which he made the observations regarding his machine. This was after a mixed winter of testing during which Rossi was quoted saying that he was not happy with the M1’s electronics and that Yamaha would be basically relying on fate of their early campaign until they could find a permanent fix. Though according to Rossi, he has made a better start than he expected this year still the rear end problems are holding him back he feels.

Charouz Racing System the new dark horse on the tracks

The talk on the tracks is of one Charouz Racing Systems which are already doing the rounds in the F2 circuits this year. They are being projected as a team which can have a huge impact on the new season. Charouz comes in a season of total overhaul when the GP2/11 chassis has been retired after a seven year long service and the V6 engine has replaced the more sought after till now V8 engine. Some of the aesthetics have been changed too in keeping with their Formula 1 counterparts. Pirelli has introduced better and more resistive tyres this season and while the GP2 and F2 events will still be sensitive to tyre wear and tear the learning curve for newcomers in the field might not bee that steep.