Latest MMA News (Week 4 July 2018)

Anderson Silva makes his remarks on Jones, McGregor issues

The Brazilian is known to be one of the best fighters ever on the face of Earth, and thus has been clear since his recent lockdown with USADA, where fans from all over the World has stood beside him. Off-ring issues have plagued Silva previously as well, and he made some experienced insights on what both the revered fighters should do. Silva is a huge admirer of Jones and sees him as a younger brother and a close friend. Silva was all praise while speaking on the Jones issue and feels that despite all the criticism, Jones is one of the most respectable athletes around MMA.

Silva tried to be delicate while speaking on McGregor issue, where he has been charged with violence issues after he attacked a bus full of fighters. Silva said that “The Notorious” needs to keep a clear conscience and should try and encourage people to watch and respect MMA rather than ignore it due to its extreme and nonsense violence. Silva feels McGregor is mature enough and should look to keep the game taint free. McGregor and Cian Cowley will apply for pleas respectively.


Daniel Cormier didn’t leave a stone unturned while speaking on Gustafsson pullout

Alexander Gustafsson pulled out of the August 4 clash set against Daniel Cormier at UFC 227, minutes after Mauricio Ruawas knocked cold by Anthony Smith. This set the tone for Cormier to lash out at Alexander and he made himself clear on Instagram and Twitter. Cormier has remarked that he is not going to share the same ring with Gustafsson ever again. Cormier’s post remarked on how Gustafsson has changed as a player and a human in a span of few years. While recalling their October 2015 days, Cormier but felt he is delusional and entitled. Cormier expressed his respect for Gustafsson as a fighter but doesn’t entertain the thought of sharing a ring together.

Gustafsson’s management has made it clear that his pull out was in correspondence to an injury he had suffered and would take time before getting back to the ring. Cormier cites this as faking after Gustafsson’s repeated pull outs.


Mauricio Rua releases a statement post his Smith knockout

The Brazilian was sporty enough to accept his 89 secs defeat at the hands of Anthony Smith. “Shotgun” was greeted with ruthless punches before a sickening elbow. He kept his message short, but congratulated “Lionheart” on his win. Rua expressed his gratitude towards his family and his well wishers, and said that he will turn around his form. Smith’s exhilarating win came after his devastating title loss to Thiago Santos.