Latest MMA News (Week 5 July 2018)

Latest MMA News

Minna Grusander hits back at ‘disgraceful’ accusations

Minna Grusander didn’t hold back after Jinh Yu Frey’s husband made his mind clear over Minna’s recent win against Jinh. The fight was close and had number of moments where the call could have gone either way. Commentary and later in social media pundits were divided over the quality of calls made throughout the game. It was a match for an unclaimed championship at Invicta FC 30, and after rounds of intense fight, Minna claimed the title by unanimous decision.

Douglas Frey went a tad off technical issues and claimed that Minna was one of the gross wrestlers he has been around, and her hygiene is worst. Douglas also said that Minna used this as a distraction to set off Jinh and got her way unethically. The mud splashing wasn’t to be ignored by Minna and in reply she remarked this as disgusting and disgraceful. She also said that she isn’t amused and team Jinh has been amateur with their response. In one reply Douglas said that Minna has used the ‘ the stinky strategy’, an old tactics developed by wrestlers early in the day.


Daniel Cormier to put his title on the line before the fall of 2018

Cormier has brushed away any rumours that suggested a title fight after the fall of 2018, and has remarked that he plans to defend his title this year and that is the only thing in his mind. It seemed like defending the title wasn’t bugging Cormier and he was in a good mood in his recent interview with Fox Sports. He compared the contender match to a piece of steak being up for grabs in Octagon, and whoever grabs it gets a shot at the title.

Cormier’s action of calling out Brock Lesnar before exchanging few words wasn’t taken well by Miocic, but Dana White gave a hint that Cormier and Lesnar may soon lock horns. Cormier has decided to hang up his boots when he turns 40, but intends on having the last say against Lesnar before that.


Germaine De Randamie to step in the ring after a forgettable 17 months spell

It was tough to see Germaine crestfallen after an unfortunate injury, which sidelined her for 17 months, and the period almost made her give up on her MMA career. However, she is up and running and will soon enter the frame in Octagon. Germaine’s decision to not defend her title against Cris Cyborg had received flak from MMA stalwarts, but a hand surgery made it tougher for her.

Germaine revealed that her ‘dark times’ kept her on the edge and negative thoughts crossed her mind, but her optimistic mindset helped her fight the phase. However, she knows a title fight may not be her present wary as she hopes to build little by little.