Latest MMA News (Week 3 December 2018)

Grant Dawson is a free man

After his case got suspended, Grant Dawson can return to his budding MMA career without ado. The USADA launched an investigation based on consumption of prohibited substance which made him ineligible to fight for 14 months since November 2017. The suspension came right after he won a UFC contract after taking down Adrian Ruiz and was well on course to make his debut. The case was revoked as Grant’s consumption period was well before his official incorporation under UFC Anti-Doping Program. USADA has also wished Grant luck for relaunching his career where he deems fit.


Grant was quick to let his followers know about his return even before the agency had made the news official. His frustration was clear that the 14 months idle wait wasn’t easy on him, but he is ready to take the UFC by storm and issued a warning for the Featherweight division that ‘the King is back’.


Josh Kavanagh would need a good reason to work with McGregor again

Clearly not happy with one of his exceptional students antics, Kavanagh has hinted that McGregor would need to pursue him to help him train again. He cites Conor’s fight against Nurmagomedov as a no brainer, and the fight may have left a lasting effect on Conor and his career. Kavanagh had once hailed McGregor as the best fighter, but they have broken up and the pair will need a lot more than healing words to get back together.

Kavanagh metaphorically defined McGregor’s decline by stating that even Superman has to slow down at times, and being a father to two kids and husband to a wife, Conor will need to have a good explanation about his recent dramas. His rivalry with Diaz may have been a lethal blow, but the one to Nurmagomedov should have knocked the stuffing out of him. Conor is yet to get in the ring after his heavy defeat in the 4th round to Khabib.


Brian Ortega reveals his injury report after a sickening fight

Holloway and Ortega were expected to take each other apart at UFC 231, and the intensity couldn’t have been more. Ortega eventually lost to Holloway, but it was just the beginning. He has stated in an Instagram post that he has his nose and a thumb broken during the fight, and has been restrained by his coach RenerGarcie.

Garcie came up with his own post stating that Ortega had put up a fight for the ages and he has nothing to hide or feel sorry about his performance. Ortega and  Garcie has promised their fans that they will be back again in action and Ortega will come good on his words.