Latest MMA News (Week 3 August 2018)

Warrant issued against Andrea Lee’s spouse

An arrest warrant has been issued against UFC fly weight fighter, Andrea Lee’s husband Donald Aaron. The warrant is in lieu of charges of domestic violence. The news broke through after a statement via MMA Fighting. Referred to as Donny Aaron, the MMA coach attacked his wife at their residence in Shreveport. The report states that Donald Aaron started choking his wife and even threatened to put out a cigarette on her arm. The incident was first bought to light by Andrea Lee’s teammate and friend Andy Nguyen. The warrant has charged the MMA coach with one count of domestic violence and a count of false incarceration. This is not the first time Donald Aaron has come under the spotlight. Two months ago, the 44-year-old was pictured having Nazi tattoos on his body. In 2009, Aaron was found guilty in negligent homicide for the death of Ronald Jamison. The coach was also arrested for an assault on his ex-wife’s fiancé. The Shreveport Police have issued out fliers and are on the lookout for the fugitive.

Robin Black’s thoughts on Connor vs Khabib

The highly anticipated fight between Connor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov has sent the MMA world in a frenzy. With heaps and tons of predictions coming in, MMA analyst Robin Black has some interesting sights about the after math of the fight. According to the analyst, this might be McGregor’s last fight in the UFC, if the Irish man loses against Khabib. Black is well known in the MMA community for his analysts and fight break downs. Speaking to a news outlet, Black contemplates on the repercussion of this huge fight. According to Black, McGregor’s loss might be his last time in the cage, but if Khabib loses the fight, it will affect the champion forever. Khabib is still undefeated in UFC with 26 wins under his belt. The October main event will see him not only put his light weight belt on the line but also his undefeated streak. Robin has also claimed that, the winner of the match will be revered as immortal.

Daniel Cormier scoffs Lesnar after his loss in the WWE

WWE superstar Brock Lesnar appeared in what was his last appearance for the sports entertainment company. Lesnar dropped his Universal Championship to Roman Reigns with his UFC return on the cards. The former champion made his appearance in UFC 226 after Daniel Cormier’s win against Stipe Miocic. After a brief altercation, a fight was declared between Cormier and Lesnar. Now after Lesnar’s loss, Cormier pocked some fun at him with a series of tweets. With Lesnar still under his suspension, a match between the two is likely to take place next year.