Latest MMA News (Week 3 April 2019)

Jorge Masvidal calls out Ben Askren

Ben Askren has already gotten on the wrong side on many people. The fighter who got traded into UFC from ONE Championship has irked quite a few of the top guys with his loud talks. But no one appears to have gotten more annoyed than his next opponent, Jorge Masvidal. The fighter well had some very unflattering words for Askren on the Joe Rogan podcast. Basically removing all the cussing Masvidal called out Ben as a fake and coward and he would break his face in their upcoming fight.

Masvidal has enjoyed a good run and has been impressive in his past few fights. He even knocked out Darren Till, which got him booked for a fight against Ben Askren. The former ONE Championship star dug out the past stories of the two from training at American Top Team, where Askren used to get the better of him. Masvidal will look forward to a win against Askren at UFC 239 with the victor eyeing a title shot.


Ex UFC fighter in coma following surgery

Former UFC fighter Angela Magana has slipped into a coma following a complicated surgery, reports confirmed. The former straw weight fighter is currently being attended at the University Hospital in San Juan. The 35 year old was active on social media before the surgery where she posted an update about her upcoming surgery. After a few hours, her twitter account posted an update revealing complications in the surgery following which the doctors could not wake up Magana.

Angela Magana was dealing with back pain and got more injured during a training session. An initial MRI revealed a herniated disc but Magana continued to train after some medications. After a nerve block to relieve pain, Magana was diagnosed with cauda equine syndrome, which resulted in an emergency surgery.

The former UFC star was training hard for a fight at Combate 35: Reinas against Kyra Batara on the 26th of April. Let us hope she makes a speedy recovery and returns healthy.


Tony Ferguson must be given an all clear by doctors: Dana White

Tony Ferguson is surely excited to get back in the cage as soon as possible. The former light weight UFC champion has been out of the ring since last October, after defeating Anthony Pettis. Ferguson put a hold on his MMA career following reports of trouble in his personal life.

The UFC star has been communicating with fans via social media and one his recent messages claim he has passed his medicals and would return back really soon. But UFC President Dana White seems to have other plans. White has said that Ferguson would have to be given an all clear sign by the doctors first before any plans.