Latest MMA News (Week 2 May 2019)

Ben Askren loses wrestling match to Jordan Burroughs

The much anticipated match between Olympian Jordan Burroughs and MMA fighter Ben Askren ended with the bout in the wrestler’s favour. The audience at the Hulu Theatre in Madison Square Garden were treated to an absolute class by Burroughs as he walked all over Askren. Even commentator Mark Bader voiced what everyone was thinking in the arena that night.

Jordan Burroughs easily climbed up to a 5 to nothing lead in the opening minutes of the match. Askren did not even receive the opportunity to counter attack being constantly pushed on the defensive. The 2016 gold medallist showed why he is the one of the best wrestlers. It was all over in the second round of the match. Burroughs won the bout with an 11-0 lead via a technical fall. Askren will look to put this debacle behind him and focus on his upcoming MMA fight against Jorge Masvidal.


Jack Swagger prepares for his second MMA fight

Former WWE superstar Jack Swagger is all set for his second fight at MMA. The former world heavy weight champion seems to be doing pretty good for himself after leaving the promotion few years back. The Real American is all set for his second match at Bellator 221. He will take on T.J. Jones for his second match in Bellator MMA promotion.

Jack Swagger defeated J.W. Kiser in Bellator 214, back in January via a submission in the first round. The submission specialist made Kiser tap out via an arm triangle choke.

The Bellator 221 promises to put up a good show on the 11th of May at the Allstate Arena in Illinois.


The Iranian Hulk, SajadGharabi announces his MMA debut

SajadGharabi nicknamed ‘The Iranian Hulk’ is one you would not miss. Bigger than The Mountain from Game of Thrones, SajadGharabi gained popularity because of his extraordinary physique. Standing tall at 6 feet 2 and weighing 175 kilograms Gharabi has been rightly named as The Iranian Hulk based on the much famed green monster from the Marvel series.

In a recent Instagram post the Iranian revealed that he had accepted a challenge from a Brazilian fighter sometime before 2020. If this event takes place, it will be one of the most anticipated shows ever. The people will be able to catch a glimpse of the giant bodybuilder and see if he is cut out for an extreme sport like Mixed Martial Arts. Many people have complained of him using photoshop to blow his size out of proportion. Another huge body  builder Martyn Ford, who has an exceptional physique like SajadGharabi was rumoured to face off with the Iranian Hulk but the match never happened.