Latest MMA News (Week 2 June 2019)

Heather Hardy receives death threats after win

Heather Hardy was pretty pumped up as she secured a unanimous win over Ana Julaton. However, the crowd present at Uncasville did not share her enthusiasm for the victory. In what turned out to be a heated event, the crowd were not in favour of the match. It was later when Hardy logged into her social media accounts, did she understand the severity of the negative reactions. The pro fighter has said that she broke down after the behemoth of sledges and abuses hurled at her after the fight. Many even sent death threats to her.

But Heather looks to have bounced back since then and looks to work extra hard to put up a fight. Recently, she also defended her feather weight boxing title successfully, that also twice. Next, Heather will face off against Taylor Turner at Bellator 222.


Justin Bieber takes back on his alleged fight with superstar Tom Cruise

The internet world is bizarre. All it takes is just one post, comment or tweet to make someone shoot to fame. Celebrities can even randomly goof up too on social media, well, add Justin Bieber to the list. The singer put forth a really confusing tweet, wherein he challenged Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise to a fight in the cage. Bieber even tagged UFC president Dana White in the tweet. The tweet was picked up by none other than the ‘Notrious’ Connor McGregor. The former UFC champ took it upon himself to host the fight and even goaded Tom Cruise to accept it.

But as of now, Bieber is said to have backtracked on his comments. TMZ reports that, Beiber apparently put that tweet out as a joke and he did not mean it seriously. Beiber said that even if they had a match, Tom Cruise would just beat him up badly.

Well, the internet is weird.


Poirier vs. Nurmagomedov dawns closer each day

UFC 242 at Abu Dhabi will witness a much anticipated match up. Dustin Poirier will face Khabib Nurmagomedov in a title unification match. Poirier captured the interim lightweight title and will now the champ. While Poirier has garnered 17 wins and 4 losses in the UFC, Nurmagomedov is still 27 for 0. The Russian is in the form of his life and is yet to lose a single bout. Many would think, this might put Poirier at a certain disadvantage given Nurmagomedov’s unblemished streak. But ‘The Diamond’ is not thinking about numbers right now. Poirier has said that, he is just going to focus on his game plan and his experience to bring the Russian down.

This is indeed going to be a high intensity match between two of the best in the UFC.