Latest MMA News (Week 2 April 2019)

Connor McGregor in trouble with law, again!

It seems that ‘The Notorious One’ is controversy’s favourite child. If not for post fight altercations, or smashing phones, or the uncalled tweets everything McGregor touches turns into controversy. Well, this time around the former UFC champ has allegedly assaulted a person in a bar in Dublin.

According to the Irish Mirror, the police in Ireland are investigating McGregor regarding a brawling incident at the Marble Arch pub. Various eye witness reports have further shed some light on the matter. McGregor was ‘bragging a lot’ in the pub and an unknown person stepped up to have a word with the fighter. Other sources report that, McGregor lost it when someone said, ‘The Russian battered you’. It remains unclear whether it was the same person or not. The altercations are still murky, but a man has since complained of getting punched by Connor. This won’t be the first pub fight McGregor has been a part of. The UFC fighter is slowly reducing his hard attained stardom to a laughing stock in the industry.


T.J. Dillashaw suspended for two years

The dramas don’t seem to end this year for UFC. While McGregor has been on the stands for quite some time now, its Dillashaw this around. The former two time champion has been suspended by the United States Anti Doping Agency for a failed drug test in January. The USADA has banned Dillashaw from all in ring activities until 2021.

The suspension news riled up Cody Garbrandt, as he took to Twitter to express his ‘thoughts’ against his nemesis. Garbrandt called for the investigating body to further check TJ’s past samples for EPO, a banned substance. Garbrandt proceeded to call TJ a scumbag and a coward. He even challenged the champ for a bout when his suspension was over. The two have met two times in the cage with Dillashaw capturing the bantam weight title in one and successfully defending the title in the latter. Garbrandt had even accused TJ last April of using banned substances.


Referee slammed over match decisions

The Fight Nights Global 92 in Moscow encountered a serious referee howler. The match between Iran’s Ali Yousefi and Russia’s Magomed Ali Bakhmudov started off well and good. With just 32 seconds remaining in the first round, Yousefi appeared to have knocked down the Russian, who clearly looked injured on the mat. The referee was pretty slow in realising the situation. Yousefi continued to rain punches on Bakhmudov before knocking him out after the Russian struggled to his feet.

Fans and pundits alike were surprised by the referee’s action and called into question his judgement. After all it is a matter of life and death once inside the cage.