Latest MMA News (Week 1 January 2019)

Jon Jones reclaims light-heavyweight title

The Ultimate Fighting Championship 232 at Los Angeles saw Jon Jones return to the octagon to defeat Alexander Gustafsson and claim the vacant light-heavyweight title. After a series of lengthy lay-offs between the two 31 year olds, Jones got the better of Gustafsson, striking him out in the first couple of rounds and finally taking him to the mat with heavy ground strikes. Jones’ reclaiming the title in the octagon as well as the top position in the sport is even more dramatic due to the pre-event controversies about him testing positive for a banned metabolite in a drug test conducted in July 2017. However, the USADA exonerated Jones and attributed the test results to the “pulsing effect” of the drug that had actually entered his system in 2016. Though the shift of UFC 232 from Las Vegas to Los Angeles on six days’ notice raised a lot of criticism from fans, one can truly believe that the clinical display of the fight was worth it. Jones had also defeated Gustafsson in 2013, a fight which has gone down as one of the greatest fights in the history of UFC.


Nasukawa vows to “take down” Mayweather

TenshinNasukawa has reportedly vowed to defeat boxing legend Floyd Mayweather when they face each other in the three round exhibition match that is to take place in Japan. The 20 year old Japanese holds a 4-0 MMA record as well as a 27-0 record in kickboxing. On the other hand, 41 years old Mayweather is former five-weight world champion and shall be coming out of retirement to compete with Nasukawa for three boxing rounds in Saitama. When asked about his thoughts on his upcoming fight, Mayweather promised to “entertain” his audience. The bout will follow standard boxing rules, comprising three rounds of three minutes each with Nasukawa not allowed to kick. Both the record holders need not be worried about risking their perfect record since the fight will be an exhibition.


Kayla Harrison defeats MorielCharneski at PFL World Championship

Kayla Harrison lived up to all the hype about her as she ran through MorielCharneski in the lightweight fight at the PFL World Championship that took place in New York on Monday. Displaying her world class judo and ground-and-pound, Harisson took early control of the ground, punching Charneski out at 3:39 of the first round. She rained punches on Charneski, who endured for a long time, but to no effect. After the fight, Harrison expressed regret I not being able to display her standup skills. With this victory, the two-time Olympic gold medallist has improved to 3-0 as a professional. She also added that she would be honoured to be a part of the women’s lightweight tournament that would be hosted by the PFL this year.