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Golf’s longest hole completes after 80 days

The world’s longest hole in Golf has been covered after a staggering 80 days by Adam Rolston. Mt Bogd Golf Club in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia witnessed this record when Rolston finally slotted ball home after an astounding 20,093 shots. He covered more than 2000 kilometres in this process. With the weather, the course and everything against Rolston it was hardly what one would call a smooth journey. Rolston expected the course to be completed around 14,000 shots, but he went 6093 shots over par. Every day was a challenge for the golfer as well as his caddie Ron Rutland. Adam would end up hitting about 250 shots on the uneven terrain while his caddie carried a 100kg cart stocked with equipment’s, food and water. At the end of 80 days, Rutland ended up losing 16kgs of weight. The weather proved to be quite the troublemaker as Rolston claims he didn’t see the sun for four days. The boggy landscape proved to be very challenging as they hardly got the cart moving and had to set up tents amidst pouring rain. They also faced injuries but continued on their journey and completed it for a good cause. The money raised by this will go into Laureus Sport for Good.

The results of the Lancaster-Lebanon Golf Championships

Brock Fassnacht won the Boys Lancaster-Lebanon Golf championships or the L-L championship. The young champion showed world-class mentality and endurance to take home the trophy. The Warwick junior won the title one stroke ahead of his counterpart Jacob Macinati of Manheim Township. The Girl’s championship was clinched by tournament favourite Ellen Wager. She started off brilliantly shooting 3 under in just four holes and went on to hit five birdies. After hitting a one under 69, Wager won the title. Her Blue Streaks competitor Erica Corey came in second with a score of 74. Wager was delighted having won the Championship. On the boys side Fassnacht’s excellent performance was applauded by everyone.

Davis Love a firm probable for the Golf Hall of Fame

Davis Love III has had a memorable career. He has 21 PGA tour wins with the 1997 PGA Championship in his belt. He has also won the Players Championship twice, in 1992 and then again in 2003. No one is contesting his claims to be inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame. Winning The Players has certainly helped his cause. Fred Couples another two time The Players Championship winner and a Hall of Famer called Love’s victory in 2003 as the best golf he had ever seen. Davis Love has a chance just like any of the other golfers to be inducted in this prestigious class.