Latest Golf News

Follow their father’s steps in sports

Petr Korda was an excellent sportsman wielding a tennis racket. Now it looks like his daughters are also matching up to him with golf clubs in their hands. Jessica Korda and Nelly Korda are currently on the LGPA tour along with their father. Jessica Korda has already won the LGPA title on four occasions. Her younger sister Nelly has started her career this season. These two sisters are very close together, and Nelly has said that Jessica helps her out in every possible manner. These sisters started off at a young age with tennis but later turned to golf. Both sisters are having a good first season with Nelly 45th on the LGPA money list while Jessica is on 27th.

Tiger Woods on completing his treatment

Tiger Woods recently completed a medication for his back pain. He was seen complaining about his pain after a debacle in South Florida. He underwent a private intensive program at a clinic for his medications. Woods was arrested near his South Florida home on account of drunk driving. He later admitted he was clean and that it was the medications which affected him. The former champion said that currently, he is fine, but he will look into this matter as time passes by.

Golf Channel analyst voices his opinion on cheating

Golf Channel analyst Brandel Chamblee is a man of is not afraid of voicing his opinions. His take on the ban of golf anchors is an important issue. The golf anchors ban which went into effect last year, prohibited all the golfers to anchor the club to any part of their body except arms. The ban has been accepted without much protest, but the actions of golfer Bernard Langer have called this ban into view. Langer places his putter just a few millimeters away from his chest while taking a shot. Chamblee has come down hard on this issue and expressed his opinions on social media platform, Twitter. Later he told Golf Digest that, the sport needs to enforce this ban in a much more definitive manner. 

Greenbrier is ready to host events again

The Greenbrier was struck down a severe tragedy last year. The flood hit the Greenbrier a year ago which led to the cancellation of the Greenbrier Classic. Vast areas of the course, namely, the Old White and the charming C.B. Macdonald were all under water. The rest of the area was destroyed. Around twenty lives were lost as a result of this calamity. Keith Foster, the architect, helped to establish the golf course within just one year time. With the help of Greenbrier resort owner Jim Justice, the Greenbrier Classic will be played at this famous ground once again.