Latest Basketball News (Week 5 July 2018)

Latest Basketball News

Iowa closing in on their 2019 point guard search

Noah Hutchinson is playing the ball very close to his chest. He knows he has to balance out his options before he makes a final call. On one hand he has been carefully cultivating his chances for an Iowa offer. He has been building up a relationship with the Iowa assistant coach Andrew Francis for about a year. He was wary of the fact that the Hawkeyes had their targets set on D.J. Carton but they failed to capitalise on their opportunity an now Hutchinson is sure that he could be their potential 2019 replacement point guard. But also, on the other hand he says that he is glad that Iowa has made no offer as of yet as that keeps him hungry. At the Register at the Fab 48 he was quoted saying that this made him unsatisfied and that this promotes him to work harder and harder until he gets that offer down. But Iowa is reportedly still evaluating their point guard situation and has as of yet not decided on a suitable candidate.

Miami Heat says that they will wait for Dwayne Wade

Miami Heat’s obsession with securing the services of one Dwayne Wade has been the talk of the town for quite some time now. Would Dwayne Wade play for the Miami Heats next season? Team president Pat Riley has no good answer to this question, but he has come out and said that the Miami Heats are ready to wait for next season to see this through. On being asked about his potential signing Riley said that he wanted Dwayne Wade back as a player or a competitor. He said that it does not stand well with him when he hears that Dwayne Wade has lost his step and he is not the same player anymore. He wants him back to have him play the best games of his career. The only issue it seems that the Heat are facing is how much they are willing to shell out for securing his services. Wade has won three NBA titles in his 15 years for Miami, he played for the Chicago Bulls two season ago and he had a divided last season moving between the Cavaliers and the Heats.

Hawks apply for waiver with respect to Carmelo Anthony

It has been a week since the Atlanta Hawks traded for Carmelo Anthony.  But the Hawks have requested waivers on Carmelo Anthony which means this would allow the former NBA All Star to enter the free agency. The Hawks and Anthony have reportedly hashed out the details regarding his buyout clause earlier in the day. Carmelo Anthony is reportedly set to join the Houston Rockets once he officially enters the free agent pool.