Floyd Mayweather v Conor McGregor odds and betting tips

It’s finally on the biggest fight ever, and we pretty much know everything we need to know now, we are so excited as with all the fans out there as proves with the hype currently going on. Already the media is abuzz with all the Conor McGregor and “Money” Mayweather talk. This fight is expected to bring in over 1 billion dollars making it the biggest money fight in history with both Mayweather and McGregor taking in their biggest ever pay days. We have Conor McGregor enhanced odds here from SBAT.


When and Where is Mayweather v Conor McGregor?

The fight is going to take place on August the 26th 2017; this will be around 22:00 US time or if you are in the UK it will be around 4:00 am Sunday the 27th of August. The fight is expected to bring in the biggest ever pay per view audience for a combat sports event even though for Europe it is the wrong time zone. The fight is going to take place in Las Vegas Nevada even though neither fighter holds a Nevada boxing license this shouldn’t be a problem. It will be held at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas; this is the exact same venue as the GGG v Canelo fight which takes places two weeks later, this is likely to upset the promoters of that fight.


Who is Conor McGregor?

In case you have been in a box for the last two years Conor McGregor is the biggest name in MMA and specifically UFC history. Over the last few years his brash, loud and swarve personality has taken him to the head of that sport. He has become the highest earning UFC fighter ever and recently made the Forbes top 100 athletes list. As well as all this he is actually a fairly talented fighter as well having only lost twice in his MMA career (in case you don’t know this is very impressive). The difference for Conor McGregor in this fight is it’s going to be a Boxing match with Boxing rules which differ massively to those he is used to. In UFC they use very lightweight gloves, they also fight in an Octagon and not a square ring, they are allowed to use just about all methods of contact including legs, knees, and elbows, and lastly, they fight 5-minute rounds rather than 3 to a maximum of 5 rounds. All of this means McGregor has to learn a whole set of new skills. Some things in his favour are that he is considered to be one of the best punching MMA fighters in the world with lightning speed and massive power. One thing is for sure in this fight he will bring his brash personality to the fore.


Who is Floyd Mayweather JR?

Floyd Mayweather is considered to be one of the best ever boxers in history, he is now 40 and has been retired for around a year, but sill boasts a great record and is extremely lean. Over the course of his career, he is unbeaten in 50 professional fights. That is an insane record even in boxing; he has won belts at nine different weights moving up and down to fight the best of the best. Mayweather holds the record for the three biggest purses ever in boxing which shows what a huge draw this star is and is one of the main reasons he is nicknamed “Money.” Mayweather is possibly the best defensive technician of boxing in the history of the Sport, he epitomizes the hit and doesn’t get hit theory better than anyone I can think of. He is now 40 though, and some of his speed and accuracy may have left him so he might have to adapt a little for this fight. He has all the advantages though; they are fighting with boxing rules with 10-ounce gloves giving him every chance of winning.


Betting tips for Mayweather v McGregor

We are looking forward to this fight that being said all the advantages are to the boxer and not the MMA specialist. The bookmakers have Mayweather at 1/6 to win the fight showing they see him as the clear favourite to take the win. McGregor is priced at 6/1 to win the fight showing he is a huge underdog. We do have to consider a few things though, McGregor is the younger fighter by 12 years, McGregor is also taller and has a 3-inch reach advantage, McGregor is considered a very powerful fighter in UFC, but it’s tough to say whether that power will convert to boxing when wearing 10-ounce gloves. Mayweather, like we said, is the best defensive boxer around, he moves and blocks punches better than anyone else in the sport so he may be tough to hit and he is yet to be knocked out. For me I think Floyd will start slow and try and test out McGregor boxing skills and stamina, he will likely try and take it the full 12 rounds like he has with many of his previous fights. For this reason, my betting tip for the fight is Floyd Mayweather to win by decision or technical decision at 11/5.


Enhanced odds for Conor McGregor v Floyd Mayweather

A few bookmakers are offering enhanced odds and free bets on the fight between these two stars. Many bookmakers do this as a way of enticing in new customers to use that particular bookmaker. Even though the fight is two months away Paddy Power and Betfair are already doing this. Paddy Power and Betfair are offering huge odds on either fighter to win, on Floyd Mayweather JR they are offering odds of 20/1 on him to win the fight, that is a massive 100 times the best odds you can get anywhere else. Conor McGregor, they are offering odds of 40/1 on him to win the fight, that is around eight times the normal odds you can get anywhere else. With these huge offers, you never know how long they will last so if you want the best odds on Mayweather v McGregor click here.